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released May 20, 2016

Engineered and mixed by Matt Heap at Suff Studio
Mastered by Grant Berry at Fader Media
Artwork by Samuel James Hague at Samuel Hague Illustration



all rights reserved


Not Today Manchester, UK

Manchester pop punk band formed in 2014.

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Track Name: Worth My Time
Is this as worth it for you
As it is for me
Cos I know that I'm told
I could be anything I want to be but I
I chose this path
and there's no going back from it and I
I chose this life
So please tell me if it's worth my time
Because I

Haven't got a lot of time to spare
Building towers everywhere
That are bound to fall
and I'm going to go with them and I
I don't wanna fall
In the end
So please tell me if this is worth my time
My friend

I want to take this as far
As it's meant to go and I
I won't let it crash or sink below
Cos this means
Everything to me
Just you wait and see
Wait and see

and I know
That if we're all here in a year
I'll take what I've written
and I'll keep it near
It's the best
Example of how I've been
and I will learn
to not make those mistakes again
Track Name: This Song Sounded Better In My Head
I grab my bag
Set foot out the door
and I get stopped in my tracks
By an overwhelming sense
of hopefulness
That I can't shake
not that I'd want to anyway

As my feet hold what I've done
As I've grown older
I tell myself
I should have been bolder
In letting you know
That nothing will stop me
Breathe life into these lungs
As the world lays before me

And I won't stop
Before I've made my mark on this earth
and I've come from
A past that has held me back
I'm done with this feeling
That my life has no meaning
I'm not standing down
I'm holding my ground tonight

I could reel off the tales
of how I've always felt on my own
but your candour is telling me
that I'm not alone
That's all I needed
To end this believing
That I have nowhere to go

As I gather my thoughts
on this mess that we made
You had no trouble
With telling me anyway
That you won't hold back
With whatever we need
To keep this intact

Track Name: Growing Backwards
Growing up feels like growing backwards
I shift back on my defenses
To protect myself from the world's offensive

I've had enough of people
Who keep telling me
That I should just give it a rest
I'm inundated with outdated advice on what is best

This world is ours and ours for the taking
Run with the wolves
We won't seal our fate
And we'll use what we've got
And we'll make it good
It's only just beginning

We're at the base of the mountain
Won't stop until we reach the horizon
Made our own path
And we made it good
I knew that we could

So it seems I'm growing out of the skin
I was born in
I'll be different
Better and more consistent

With the way
I correct all my flaws
I'm opening up all the doors

Nothing's going to take this one
Away from us
It's what makes us who we are
And in that we trust

There's no time like the present
To make this right
There's no time like the present
So let's make it/this right tonight